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Phone: 360-943-7229

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Hours: Monday through Friday - 9:30am to 5:00pm


Due to Covid-19 we are not meeting with customers


face to face until further notice. Existing jobs will be mailed to


customers when completed. People wanting to bring work to


us, will need to mail things to us. Everyone be safe.



We work by appointment Only.


We are closed on weekends and most major holidays


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Formats at a glance:


Film Formats        Video Formats        Audio Formats        Computer Formats



      8mm                    VHS                    8-track                    3.5" Diskettes


              Super 8mm              VHS-C               Reel-to-reel             750/250/100MB Zip Discs


  16mm                  Hi-8                    Cassette                   Flash Drives


     Slides                Betamax              Mini-Cassette             Memory Cards


    Photos          Mini-DV HD/SD         Micro-Cassette                                 


        Negatives           Mini-DVD            78/33/45 records                                      


Digital Hi-8                                       


CD/DVD Duplication Services (smaller jobs, under 50 copies)

Large-Format Image and Document Scanning Services (12"x17")


For more detailed info, please see our Products/Pricing page.


We now accept:



Photos and Slides

         We help historical societies, native American tribes,  museums, genealogy and scrap-booking groups and anyone else with the repair of damaged photos, whether stained, torn, missing pieces, bad color, water damaged, mold damage, or faded.  In addition to working on old photographs we also work on newer photos.  Need photos resized (enlarged, reduced)?   Do you have 35mm slides or 35mm negatives that are just gathering dust?  We can give them new life on CD or as a video photo album on DVD.  We also do prints from slides and negatives.  Please see our Gallery page for examples of work we've done on photos over the past several years.


If you have home movies on 8mm, Super 8mm film, VHS, VHS-C, miniDV, both HD and SD formats, Betamax or Hi-8 video tapes, we can transfer them to DVD for you.  If you want music added or you want to add custom narration, we do can that too.  We'll transfer your home movies with the best quality image possible from VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Betamax, 8mm or Super-8mm film.  If you want a menu on the DVD, we can provide that as well, so you can go to different chapters on your DVD.

Lifetime Memories - A product we offer that can be composed of a combination of photos and/or video (and film) on DVD with carefully chosen music to allow you, your family and friends to remember your loved ones during special occasions, such as graduations, weddings, children, and, of course, memorials...anytime you want.


If you have rare, treasured LPs, 45s or audio tapes (includes cassettes, mini-cassettes and micro-cassettes, reel-to-reel and 8-track) that you need transferred to CD, we have the equipment and expertise required to preserve those recordings for you, while removing pops, clicks and tape hiss as well.

       Photos and Documents - Slide-shows on DVD (also known as video photo albums) and Custom Screen-savers

If you have photos or slides of a special event or a vacation and you want them set to music or narration on DVD, we can do that.  We can include scans of documents and other information on the DVD with various types of transitions, synchronized to the music, if you want.  If you have vacation photos or slides that you want compiled into a screen-saver for your computer at work or home, we do that too!

Our Promise

We do all our work at our business location.  We don't out-source our work.  What does this mean for you?  It means that your films, videos,  photos and other materials don't leave our business and get shipped to who-knows-where for processing.  We're a locally-owned business that feels it's important to our customers that they feel secure about their photos, video, music and film.   We are committed to working with our customers in order to provide them the product they want, the way they want it.