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How we transfer your films is a question we've been asked quite often and here is our answer:

This is the Retro-Scan Mark-II, a telecine transfer unit produced by the great folks at Moviestuff.tv.  A telecine transfer does a frame-by-frame digital capture of your film in real-time into our production computer.  This yields the highest quality transfer of your 8mm, Super-8mm or 16mm films for the best possible transfer (it also does full 2k HD transfers as well).  The cool-running, high-intensity LED light source ensures that your films cannot be damaged by any heat (as you would risk with the standard 40-watt lamp in a standard projector) and we inspect and clean every inch of your footage before running it through our projector to ensure that it's clean, lubricated and that each splice is secure, clean and undamaged.

Because of the sprocketless construction of this unit, there is no need to be concerned about damage to the sprocket holes in your films.  This is another reason we selected this unit over other products, so we can protect our customers' films not only from heat, but potential sprocket hole damage as well.

Also, because the unit has no lens (the lens is on the HD camera above the film), this allows the unit to capture the entire film frame.  What does this mean for you?  It means that we capture as much of the film image as we can without capturing frame edges or sprocket holes.