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The Rankin Museum Project Page

              Below are examples of work we've done.  This will give you an idea of what we're capable of doing and the quality of work we are dedicated to producing.


Scanned and restored image made from a glass negative dating from the late 1800's.



                                                                               Before and after of an extensive restoration of an extremely damaged portrait.



Before and after restoration of an old, faded and water-stained photo.


                  Extensive restoration of a very faded and yellowed color wedding photo.  Almost every detail in the original on the left needed restoration work in order to achieve the resulting restored photo on the right.



This old photo was primarily faded, but otherwise undamaged.



An old, faded, yellowed and damaged school class picture, restored to a very crisp black & white photo with damage repaired.



                Modern wedding reception photograph with parking lot and vehicles outside removed and replaced with a nice sunlit forest background.  Chairs in the left foreground have been removed and the table cloth that was hidden by the chairs has been recreated.



                Old wedding photo that's faded, extensively scratched and damaged.  Now restored to a nice, crisp photo without the scratches or the damage.



Faded, slightly fuzzy and yellowed graduation photo with writing on it, restored to a nice, crisp, clear photo.



Reflection of headlight on camera lens caused the spots on the elk's neck in the left photo, retouched in the photo on the right.




Severely damaged photo (left), restored to very nice condition (right) after very extensive restoration work.



Mildly faded photo (left), restored (right).