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        In late September 2008, we were approached by a woman in the local area who had been asked by a museum in North Carolina to please put together a display for their aviation area.  The woman and her husband had pioneered crop dusting and civilian aviation in the Candor/Ellerbe area and throughout the North Carolina area and in Cuba in the 1940s.  She was the 15th woman ever to be licensed to pilot a helicopter.

The following are images that went into the display, and finally the completed display that we sent to the museum.

The left-hand images are the originals, the right-hand images are the restored images.



                The left-hand image, even after extensive restoration work, had issues, so we inset it into the the restored right-hand image to tell a story: on the ground and in the air.



This image required very little restoration, so only the restored version is displayed here.







This is a small version of the aeronautical aviation map of the NC area used as the background for the display.



                The final display size is 32 H x 40 W in inches, mounted on museum-quality mat board with acid-free materials and is now located in the Rankin Museum in North Carolina.

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